Show off your metaverse assets IRL! Every WSF design has been hand-crafted with love and inspired by the elements within our NFT collection.

Got Tendies T-Shirt Collection

Tendies on your Bodies

Tendies are delicious to eat, fun to earn and comfy to wear.

The Tendies Collection

Beyond Rarity

Been there, priced my NFT in seconds, got the T-shirt (or polo)

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Grateful Dad - Wall Street Dads T Shirt

Calling all Dadheads

Let's Jam
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Human ATM Machine T Shirt

Say aaaaaugggghhh

Don't worry. One day they'll be independent...

Being an ATM isn't so bad

Giving Birth to Dad

Non Fungible Dad Short-Sleeve Unisex T-ShirtNon Fungible Dad Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt
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Wall Street Dads Discord Achievement Collection T Shirts

WSF Achievement Collection

Flex your support and contributions ( and chiseled muscles ) to the Wall Street Dads community with swag that commemorates those efforts. Every piece is tagged with a unique achievement badge.

Achievement Collection